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"You can rely on our Sewer Inspection Services when it comes to looking after and servicing your Homes sewer line"

We offer an honest professional service that is second to none and we offer peace of mind.

As we all know, leaking or damaged sewers are not the most pleasant topic to talk about, but we have to own up to it, it does happen. To make sure that you stay on top of this vital household service, we offer everything from regular sewer inspections to trench-less sewer line repairs.

The industry has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to recent technological innovations, we can now inspect and repair your sewers using minimum invasive techniques. Spending hours digging up your front yard is a thing of the past. With our trench-less sewer line repair service, your sewer problems are a thing of the past.

Why Have A Sewer Inspection 
In Sacramento California?

Let us familiarize you with the top reasons you should have your sewer lines inspected.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Do all sewer lines that we inspect have problems that require attention? Not all of them, but a rather high percentage do have problems. Most sewer line issues are down to wear and tear, tree roots, and seismic activity.

Repairing sewer lines is not cheap, it’s best to identify problems as soon as possible.

Peace of Mind

Nobody wants to be faced with a sewer emergency during the holidays or weekends. Many sewer companies charge a small fortune for call outs. Regular inspections will identify problems early on and save you money in the long run.

If you have or are about to, buy a new home, you should always have the sewer lines inspected. Make sure that the home’s sewer lines are part of any inspections that are carried out pre-purchase.

What You Need To Know About Sewer Inspections 
In Sacramento California

We offer a professional service that is provided by our friendly and courteous team. Our technicians are more than happy to answer all of your questions and any concerns that you may have.

No matter what, we are still “sensitive” about our sewers, and many homeowners don’t have them inspected on an annual basis.

It is best to have at least one inspection per year. Also, in an area such as Sacramento with higher than average seismic activity, it is a good idea to have your home’s sewer lines inspected after an event.

Gas can quickly build up after a seismic event if your sewer lines have been damaged. Tree roots are also likely to compromise your lines. If you have any trees growing near your sewer lines, you should keep an eye on them. Any kind of tree root, even smaller ones, can do a lot of damage.

Roots can both break and invade your sewer lines and cause a blockage.

What Are The Most 
Common Sewer Lines Problems?

As we mentioned, seismic activity is a major cause for concern.
However, there are other reasons why you may experience problems with your sewage system.

Deteriorating Sewer Lines

Many water companies treat lines with chemical compounds that can cause damage. For instance, chemicals added to desalinated water can cause problems.

However, most problems do occur as a result of household chemicals and other substances. Think twice before you wash compounds such as cooking oils, brake fluids, and other chemicals down your drains and sinks.

Cooking oil can quickly start to collect along the inside of the sewer lines. This makes it more likely for other materials such as wipes and paper to get caught in a pipe no matter what size.

Get To The Root Of The Problem

Tree roots can cause havoc when they get inside a pipe. They continue to grow and will eventually put pressure on the integrity of the pipe. Large root balls form quickly in this warm and moist environment.

Call as soon as you notice any issues such as bad smells and slow water flow.

What Is Shifting?

The ground in and around your sewer pipes shift all of the time. But, it is more likely to shift violently after heavy rain, earth tremors, and when vehicles drive over the sewer line area frequently.

If your sewer lines are buried under your driveway, you should have them inspected for cracks once a year.

Breaks and Cracks

Breaks and cracks are the most common reason for an emergency call out. They occur for all sorts of reasons. When roots start to invade a sewer line or pipe, they will almost always cause some kind of damage.

Small cracks will develop and gradually over time, the size of the breaks and cracks will increase. This can lead to part of the sewer pipe collapsing.

How We Will Deal 
With The Problem

Our sewer company in Sacramento California will thoroughly inspect the pipes making use of the latest technology. We can even record the inspection process and add commentary so you know exactly what you are looking at on the screen.

We will make sure that all connections between private and public sewers function well. If the problem does not lie with you, we will let you know what action you need to take to deal with it quickly and safely.

When it comes to repairs, we are happy to provide you with an estimate for the work required. We can also help you to repair your sewer lines making sure we use techniques that are both cost-effective and fast.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about our sewer inspection service or sewer repair service, give us a call or send us an email.

Our team is happy to deal with your concerns and put your mind at ease. A team of professional inspectors is always to visit your home and help you to identify any problems you are experiencing. That being said, please remember that regular sewer line inspections can save you money and make sure that problems are identified at an early stage.

Please feel free to get in touch when you need our professional assistance.

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