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When You Need A Sewer Repair

A sewer repair is all about making sure that it is effective. Repairing sewer lines time and time again is expensive. To save money, some homeowners even attempt their own sewer repairs. That is not such a good idea.

Most of the time it is better to call in the professionals such as our company. We are based in Sacramento, California and service the entire Sacramento area. When you think that you have a problem, you should not hesitate to call our company for advice, a call out or other assistance.

Facts We All Need To Know
About Sewer Repair

Most homeowners don’t consider their sewer line as part of their home plumbing system. But stop and think about it, and you will appreciate that your home’s sewer line plays a vital role when it comes to the functionality of your home plumbing.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to carry out essential repairs, maintenance and replace damaged parts. Normally, your home’s sewer line runs from your house to the middle of the street.

Most of us don’t think that we have sewer line problems when we start to experience plumbing issues in the home. However, sewer line problems are frequent and are often caused by issues outside of your control such as ground shifts and tree roots.

The Most Frequent
Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line problems can vary from state to state. In California, we are likely to experience problems with our sewer lines because of shifts in the ground. Even minor earth tremors can cause shifts in the ground affecting sewer systems.

Other common sewer line problems include:

  • The failure of old pipes
  • Wrongful items flushed down the toilet
  • Poor maintenance of the home plumbing system
  • Cracked pipes
  • Tree roots invading the pipes

It is a good idea to look out for warning signs that you may have a problem with your home’s plumbing system and sewer line. Catching problems early can save you money. Regular maintenance is essential when it comes to all of the “waterworks” in the house.

Of Sewer Line Problems

It is all too easy to neglect regular maintenance. Also, homeowners are often not aware of the early
warning signs of sewer line problems.

Here’s a brief list of problems you should look out for on a regular basis:

  • Leaking pipes in the home
  • Low water pressure in sinks, showers, and toilets
  • Ongoing problems with water levels in the toilet and frequent blockages
  • Dips in the lawn where the sewer line runs from the house to the street
  • Puddles of foul-smelling water
  • Lose paving slabs
  • Lush green grass suddenly appearing in patches
  • A gas smell around your home and in the garden
  • Gurgling sounds

You should also keep an eye on your water bill. Any sudden increases could be a sign that you are using more water to flush away waste matters from the home.

The Best Solutions
For Your Home

Quick fixes are not always the best way to go. Think about your sewer line just like any other essential home appliance or system such as the HVAC system – it is only possible to repair so many times.

If you have your sewer line inspected at least once a year, you are often able to avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

When you have recently bought a new home, it is often a good idea to set aside a budget for sewer line repairs. This is especially important when you have bought an older home.

Don’t forget to ask the owner for proof of regular maintenance bills relating to the plumbing and sewer system.

Many homeowners neglect the plumbing system and are happy as long as it works okay. That leads to neglect. Unfortunately, not all plumbing and sewer line problems are picked up during a home inspection.

The “what-if” principle applies. The system may be working alright at the time of the inspection, but problems can often become more apparent in the future.

If you are concerned at all, just pick up the phone and call our company here in Sacramento, California. As we are a local company, we are fully aware of the many “unique” problems that can affect homeowners in the part of the country.

We are happy to give you advice and our professional team of technicians is available for both scheduled maintenance, sewer line repairs, and emergency call-outs. No problem is too large or too small, so when you need help, just give us a call.

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