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How Do I Know I Need A
Sewer Replacement?

Before you even start considering having a sewer replacement in Sacramento California or anywhere else for that matter, it is essential that a professional sewer inspection is carried out.

Your sewer inspection needs to be as detailed as possible. At the end of the inspection, you should not be left wondering what is causing the problem with your sewer lines or sewage pipes.

Also, you need to know if the problem is yours, or if it is a public problem. When the problem originates in public sewer lines, we will give you advice on how to deal with the matter. Normally you are not responsible for problems with public sewer lines.

Why Should I Have
a Sewer Replacement?

There are many reasons why you should have a sewer line replacement. When a sewer line has been repaired many times, there comes a point when it is not cost-effective to continue to repair it anymore.

Although this is more common in older homes, it can happen in more recently-built homes as well. As our climate continues to change, we can expect an increasing number of heavy rainstorms.

Severe rainstorms lead to earth movement sand shifts in the ground. When this happens, your sewer lines are often damaged, and you need to address the problem. It is often worth your while to upgrade your sewer pipes in this kind of instance.

Your home insurance provider is likely to want to see a full inspection report before they proceed with a claim.

Old Sewer Pipes
That Have Seen Better Days

Just like anything else, sewer lines wear out. Really there is little wonder why. We continuously pour abrasive chemicals into our pipes without even thinking about it.

Older pipes are often made from materials that are more perishable. If you are not sure what materials your pipes are made from, it is a good idea to have an inspection before you jump to any conclusion.

A sewer line inspection will identify the problem so that the right solution is found.

Severe Damage From
Tree Roots

When your sewer pipes have suffered severe damage from tree roots, it is often cheaper to replace a section or a complete pipe.

What you must remember is that is essential to deal with the initial problem. Believe it or not, a sewer inspection will help to identify where the roots have come from. It is not only tree roots that can cause problems.

Other invasive roots from plants such as garden hedging or ornamental shrubs will also damage your sewer lines.

Keen gardeners should consider installing heavy-duty sewer lines that are less prone to damage from both tree roots and other plants with strong root systems.

What Signs
To Look Out For

There are many signs that indicate you need a sewer replacement.

Most of the time we associate insect and rodent problems with other issues apart from sewer damage. However, a persistent problem that does not go away even after treatment may mean you have a sewer problem.

Consistent gurgling and backflow are two other indications that you should watch out for. Both can start suddenly or buildup over a period of time. When you notice that water in sinks, baths, showers, and toilets run away slowly, you should call our company for advice and arrange an inspection.

Sewer gas is dangerous and a large buildup can cause an explosion and damage to your home.

Sinkholes or cracked tiles and slabs in the yard are also indications of a sewage blockage or a collapsed sewer line. Make sure that you are aware of where in your yard or garden your sewer lines run.

When you are concerned, all you need to do is to pick up the phone and call our sewer inspection company in Sacramento California. Together we will find a solution to your problem and help you to solve it in the best way possible. Thanks to modern technology, a sewer replacement does not any longer mean excavating your garden or driveway.

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