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What Is A Trenchless
Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

A new sewer line always means that work needs to be done. Thanks to modern technical innovations, there is now seldom a need to dig up your entire lawn, driveway or part of the payment.

Trenchless sewer line technology is effective when it comes to both repairing and installing a new sewer line. It is less invasive, takes up less time, and is also more cost-effective than traditional sewer line work.

This is what you need to know about trenchless sewer line replacement and repairs in a nutshell.

Residential Trenchless Sewer Line
Repair and Replacement

A trenchless sewer line replacement is put into place instead of your old sewer line. A variety of technics can be used. Your new sewer line may be put in place by pipe bursting or lining technologies.

Pipe bursting is carried out by a machine that breaks out the damaged by pipe and at the same time, places a new pipe behind it. Only two access points are needed – one on your property and one where your sewer line joins the main sewage pipe.

Pipe lining, another popular technique, involves a flexible pipe being passed down the length of the old sewer line. The pipe is coated with resin and is then gently “blown” through the line. Once the pipe is in place, it is inflated and the resin starts to harden. Normally only one entry point is required.

What Are The
Benefits Of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

This kind of sewer line replacement is often slightly more expensive than traditional techniques. However, the homeowner does not have any additional landscaping costs to worry about when it comes to trenchless sewer line replacement.

With trenchless sewer line technology, there is no need to dig up your lawn, lift paving slabs, or excavate part of your drive. You only have two entry points. Of course, that means that a trench does not need to be dug in your lawn.

Is it faster? Yes, it is faster, and depending on the length of your sewer line, this type of replacement work can often be carried out in a day.

Who Should Opt For Trenchless
Sewer Line Replacement?

Trenchless sewer line replacement is the perfect choice for the busy homeowner. When you don’t want to talk at least a couple of days off work to have your sewer line replaced, you should consider trenchless repairs.

Most insurance companies are happy to pay for trenchless sewer line repair should you have a reason to go through your insurance company. There is no need to contact your local water or sewage company. Trenchless repairs are now so popular that they are an everyday occurrence.

This kind of repair is also suitable for multi-occupancy homes. If you are an owner of a small apartment block, you may want to consider this option instead of traditional methods.

The method is considerably faster and you will cause less inconvenience for your tenants or residents.If you own your own business premises, you should also talk to us about trenchless sewer line repair. We can always replace your sewer line over the weekend when no one is at work.

As a matter of fact, this technique is now so mainstream that we find most of our customers prefer it to regular sewer line replacement. With regular inspection and maintenance, a trenchless sewer line replacement lasts as long as regular replacement.

If you have any questions and concerns, we are more than happy to discuss any details of the process with you. All you need to do is to contact our company.

Before we start any work, we will provide you with an estimate, and explain everything. We are aware that this is a new concept for most property owners. A good idea is to compare to keyhole surgery – the concept is very much the same.

Is Trenchless
Sewer Line Replacement Effective?

Yes, it is just as effective as traditional replacements. As a matter of fact, most public water companies use this kind of technique today.

In the long run, it saves both time and money. Today, it would be very difficult to replace sewer lines in our inner cities using traditional methods. With the amount of heavy traffic and pavement footfall, traditional sewer line replacement simply is not effective.

Thanks to our company, you can now enjoy the same technology as a homeowner. If you would like to know more about trenchless sewer line replacement in Sacramento, California, give our company a call.

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